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Beers Books is a family-owned and operated business, serving Sacramento for ninety years with thought-provoking books. New, used, and rare tomes at affordable prices.

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We often book two or more weeks out. We can look at four file-sized (15 x 12 x 10") boxes per appointment.

We can generally handle walk-ins of ten books or fewer.

We look at thousands of books per day with limited space. We must be picky!

Make sure you have time to stay in the store while we assess your books, we will need to clear the counter for the next customer.

We offer 1/4 of our in-store selling price in cash/check or 1/3 in store credit towards used books.

Valid ID required to sell!


What we buy

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Selling at Beers:

With limited space and thousands of books to choose from, it should come as no surprise that we are highly selective when choosing our stock. Here, you will find two general categories that outline what we do and do not buy. Please read it carefully, as it can save you, and us, time.

Please stick to our four file-sized/bankers box limit. If you must use larger boxes or containers, try to keep the box under 30 lbs so we don’t break our backs trying to lift them!

Actively Purchased:

Art, architecture, photography, antiques, history (esp. California history), Western Americana, classic lit, music, drama, poetry, mythology, philosophy, eastern philosophy, yoga, Buddhism, metaphysics, Christian history, bibles, occult, Jungian psychology, newer cookbooks, aviation, gardening, construction, foreign language, writing, military history, martial arts, modern popular fiction (very selectively), children’s books (selectively), graphic novels, manga, signed books, Folio Society, Easton Press, Franklin Library, Heritage Press, & Modern Library.

Material Not Usually Purchased:

College class books/textbooks, school books, outdated study guides, Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, outdated computer books, encyclopedias, magazines, single issue comic books, old travel guides, books stored in cigarette smokers’ home, ex-library books, books in poor condition, highlighted or underlined, audiobooks, movies.

Three Easy Ways To:

Shop at Beers

Our 712 R St. Home Base

With tens of thousands of books on-hand at any given time, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here here to guide you towards the perfect book. The stock is always changing, so visit frequently for the best deals!

Sent To Your Home

Shop with to conveniently have new books sent directly from our distributor to your door. Please note: inventory does not reflect our in-store inventory! Call for inventory information.

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Take your next read on-the-go with Beers has teamed up with these guys to quickly bring audiobooks to your smart device while supporting independent bookstores.

Upcoming Events

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This has been in the works for a bit!

The good folks at Kicksville Vinyl and Vintage will be moving into the space directly next to ours here at 712 R. We can’t think of a better business to team up with. Kicksville has long been one of our favorite shops in Sacramento, but their space was a bit cramped. When we moved into our new space, we knew they would be a perfect fit here.

Stay tuned for more updates, but as of now, we are planning a big GRAND OPENING PARTY for June 1.

What’s With The Name??

Many people often ask how old our shop is and wonder how we got our unusual name. In some form or another, Beers has been selling new and used books in Sacramento since about 1936. Through four different owners and several locations, it has evolved into its present incarnation at 712 R Street.

The history of Beers Books began around 1936-37 when our namesake, Mrs. Nellie Beer, worked as a clerk for L.H. Mytinger Books at 1125 8th Street in Sacramento. Her name appears as one of the charter members of the Sacramento Book Collectors Club in 1939. At some point this store on 8th Street changed its name to "Beers Book Store," for we have a circular advertising books-for-sale under this name at this location.

In 1941 Frank Azevedo assumed ownership of the bookstore on 8th Street. Azevedo’s shop moved in 1949 to 810 I Street, then in 1952 to 1406 J Street. Beers was at this J Street location for approximately 30 years and it was during this time that many of our current long-time shoppers first patronized the bookstore. Frank Azevedo owned the store until 1967, when he retired and sold the store to Harvey Shank, a former Aerojet engineer.

Harvey expanded the store’s metaphysical department, then greatly expanded the used book department by leasing an adjoining space that fronted 14th Street. The store remained under Harvey’s ownership until he retired and sold the store in 1985 to the current owner, Jim Naify. Around 1990 the City of Sacramento decided to expand the community center, taking by eminent domain the property occupied by Beers.

At this point Jim leased some unoccupied buildings at the corner of 15th and L Streets and remodeled them to accommodate Beers, and sub-leased to Esoteric Records, Capitol Garage Coffee and Preferred Seating. Around this time, as the large chains Barnes and Noble and Borders began aggressively expanding in the new book business, Beers started focusing more on used books, actively increasing their purchases and sales of used material. Beers had a good run of about 14 years at this location, but when a developer bought the property in 2004 we were again forced to move to 915 S St.

Beers had an excellent run at S St, surviving the recession of the early 2000s, and helping to revitalize the up-and-coming Southside Park neighborhood. Once again, in 2022, developers came knocking and Beers was once more compelled to move shop. Finally, in 2023, Beers landed at 712 R St, becoming a proud anchor at the western end of the booming Historic R Street Corridor. Thanks for sticking with us all of these years!

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